Best Song Writing Softwares in 2021 [Free]

Best Song Writing Softwares

Songwriting is a complete artistic process that requires talent, precision and accuracy. Simply rhyming a song is not enough to create a masterpiece. To do justice to a song, you must be aware of all the technicalities, high and low notes and feelings.

The song writing softwares are known to improve the songwriting experience considerably. It allows you to frame a proper and meaningful song without putting extra efforts.

Whether you are a professional songwriter or merely a hobby enthusiast, this software is aimed to cater to all your needs and give you the best songwriting platform. 

What is the need for songwriting softwares?

The old days are gone when just talent and lyrics were enough to develop a proper song. It is crucial to coordinate your talent with modern technology.

You cannot work traditionally as in the old days. Now, you need to be a bit more professional and use modern-day software to make your song even more competitive. Songwriting softwares enrich your talent by helping you to improve the technicalities of the music. 

These are few points emphasizing the need and benefits of using songwriting software. 

Sort and Filter: Songwriting Softwares combine two fundamental factors entailing a big hit song. It combines outstanding vocabulary with the right use of language to make it easily acceptable by the listeners.

The songwriting Softwares works immensely to filter your notations in a way they seem more acceptable and empathizing. 

Organize: The traditional way of songwriting can become messy and complicated. Songwriting softwares help you stay organized and offers a high level of convenience. You can store, record, delete or edit the song lyrics or music all according to your wishes.

The search feature allows you to focus on a particular line and keeps track of the complete songwriting process. Your ideas and work are all stored and protected in the database of the songwriting software.

Recreate and Deconstruct: You can build your creativity around the pre-existing piece of work. Some songwriting softwares gives you a chance to choose and reframe the already existing elements of the song or the famous artists.

You can look at their notes, instrumental preference and try to create something new and fresh from the retro. This will not only encourage your chance at innovation but give you a fantastic experience too.

Practise: If you have a passion and hobby for writing and singing a song, songwriting software might be the best choice for you. You can practice over this software anytime you want. You can do solo, edit the content or compose your music in any hour of the day.

There are no limitations or time constraints over your daily activity. Thus, giving you unlimited hours of creation, innovation and talent expression.

Professionalism: Anyone can write songs about how they feel by using some simple set of rhyming lyrics. But, the use of songwriting softwares gives a touch of professional attitude to your work.

It becomes easier and formal when you use the songwriting softwares. You get to know about various keynotes, and you can experiment with different instruments. What’s more striking than to use pro tools 

10 Best Songwriting Softwares


Hookpad is one of the most convenient tools software which allows you to write songs faster. The software was first launched in 2014 by the proud creators Ryan Miyakawa, David Carlton, and Chris Anderson. The software is highly efficient and is exclusively designed to overcome your mental block.

You can experiment with your song with different styles and compositions using Hookpad. Hookpad offers virtual instruments, special pro tools, songwriting package and a theory pad to make your songwriting experience absolutely incredible. The software is popularly used by famous and well-established songwriters to improve their songwriting experience.

You can explore the following features of hookpad that yield 100% superior songwriting results.

  • Hookpad comes with a magic chord feature that allows you to overcome the mental block by suggesting you the use of different chords.
  • Theory Tab allows you to compare and contrast between different melodies and chords to draw up the best composition line ever.
  • The software is ideal for songwriting because of its ability to immediately export the guitar notes, tabs, music sheets, etc. This grants you immediate access. You can readily export it into MIDI format whenever you want.

Suitable For: Hookpad is highly relevant and useful for the people who regularly like to improve their songwriting and tend to reach a plateau. The software allows you to improve your chord progressions.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is extremely easy to use software and is extremely versatile. It allows you to experiment with different notes, instruments and music for your song to give out the best result. You can keep on polishing your songwriting experience using this software and enjoy the amazing perks of this software. You can use standard techniques like compression or EQ along with working over bass lines, programming drums and FX mode. 

Ableton Live offers the following features to enrich your songwriting experience.

  • Ableton Live has many instrumental modes like Analog, Wavetable, sampler, etc. ranging up to thirteen.
  • There about 56 audio effects that allow processing audio and MIDI. The effects popularly used are Echo, Glue, Pedal, Beat Repeat, etc.
  • Ableton Live is compatible with both PC and Mac. 

Suitable For: Ableton Live is popularly used by DJ and the live performers to join with the live community and try various features and instrument exclusively at a single music interface. 

Rhyme genie and tunesmith

Tunesmith is an excellent free songwriting software that helps you write and compose better lyrics. It has a vast library that constitutes of music chords and rhyming words. Tune smith along with Rhyme genie is a wonderful software for expanding your network and customer relationship. It allows you to expand your songwriting career farther the limits. You can manage everything from promotional campaigns to follow-ups. You can widen your network using this software.

  • You can filter the rhyming words and music chords using any word, noun, verb, adjective, etc.
  • It has the most extensive collection of American cliches, idioms and phrases that you can use to make your songwriting even more attractive.
  • Rhyme genie has an exclusive assortion of 30 different rhyme to make your song lyrics impressive and professional.

Suitable For: Rhyme genie, in addition to tunesmith, is an extremely important platform for the aspiring lyricists who desire to make a professional career in the field. The already existing musicians can expand their career to the next level.

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro was founded by Arobas Music in 1997. It is amongst the best songwriting softwares providing you vast list of instruments and chords to experiment with.

The speciality of this software lies in the fact that it can be used to edit large music sheets, tablatures, etc. Be it a drum, guitar, string, keyboard instruments or any other wind instrument.

You can change their musical notations any way you want. You can purchase a license for guitar pro at $75.

You can access the following features on Guitar Pro.

  • Guitar Pro offers quick editing for its users. You can change the chords, tempo, clef, title and signature. 
  • Guitar Pro offers an outstanding level of customization. You can select the number of strings for your guitar and other chords according to your preference and convenience.
  • The software is well organized with a file browser that can be used to locate the extensive files and guitar notes.

Suitable For: Guitar Pro is useful for editing and composing purposes. It is best for the musicians interested in continuous composition and lyrical modification in the subject. It can take songwriting to an entirely new level and promotes creativity. It is an excellent tool for audio artists and music composers.


Musescore is a free music notation software. It has been widely popular among the audience for creating and developing professional music all around.

Musescore has a complete open score community linked closely with developers, translators and supporters. You can write music and songs for various instruments and modes like guitar, band, choir, orchestra and many others. 

  • Musescore is entirely compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac users. The most striking part is that you can avail the benefits of Musescore at absolutely zero cost.
  • The Musescore software is extremely user friendly and very easy to use.
  • It is also an excellent opportunity for beginners to explore their talents in songwriting.

Suitable For: Musecare is a fantastic platform for beginners and professionals alike. Still, a little amount of knowledge and information is required to put the tools to proper usage.

Song Sharpner

Song Sharpner significantly reduces the workload and effort required for songwriting. This software eases up the whole process of songwriting and is completely free to use.

Here, you can prepare and write songs for your music and get theme edited, improved and modified. Song Sharpner gives you updated suggesting about rhyme words, chords, songwriting tips, word suggestions, etc.

  • The songwriting software is highly compatible windows songwriting software. It can be downloaded on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista-home basic, ultimate, Win-98, etc.
  • The software for songwriting is available for download in 535 MB file size.

Suitable For: Songwriting software is an amazing software for beginners. It offers free song editing and composing to all the budding music composers.


Finale holds a strong reputation as first-ever musical notation software. It was developed by legendary MakeMusic in the year 1988.

Finale software costs around $600 which is a bit expensive. It is widely accepted and used by musicians of all age groups and also offers discounts to the students and other artisans. The finale is used widely by songwriters and composers at different levels. 

  • The finale is known to have an extensive library of sounds by famous musicians. You can also expand it further with the use of a third sample library and so on.
  • Finale has a broad scale experience of about 30 years catering the track record of fantastic music professionals. It is an outstanding platform for the development of beginners and struggling artists.

Suitable for: Finale is the best platform for budding music composers and artists. It is recommended for the people who are going to start a professional career in the music industry.


Noteflight is online system software that helps you to develop your composition and music. This software is a little challenging to use in the beginning by the Novus users due to its traditional overview.

The software still works on the conventional music sheets and plays everything note from the note. Noteflight also allows its users to sell or purchase new and old music compositions. Noteflight software costs around $49 annually. 

You should get benefitted from Noteflight by taking advantage of these unique features.

  • Noteflight gives you a chance to interact and collaborate with the musicians and audience around the globe. You can form and join private or commercial groups which may or may not be open to commenting, viewing or editing.
  • There are high-quality instruments available for the composition of music and songs. The platform is believed to have a long-range of 85 instruments to allow you to experiment with your music and compositions.
  • You can sell your music and composition to the people and musician around. Therefore, take advantage of the Noteflight Marketplace and expand your career.

Suitable For: Noteflight is an excellent platform for the lovers of traditional and classical music. Even the functioning and methodology of Noteflight is based upon the traditional music sheets. It allows expanding the classical music career.


Masterwriter is a wonderful songwriting software which was developed by Barry Devorzon in 2003. It is an all-round writing software which serves as an ultimate tool teaching all the aspects of the English language.

Whether you are writing a song, poem or novel, Software is all set to enhance your writing with fantastic English language suggestions.

The software has an entirely detailed thesaurus and encyclopaedia which never let you fall short of your lyrics—the annual fees for the Masterwriter range up to $99. 

  • This software has a huge database collection full of musical styles, demo recordings, music notes, publishing details, etc. This database serves as an essential factor to improve your songwriting experience.
  • The word processor of Masterwriter is very well developed and extensive. You get a complete list for rhyming words, phrasal words and literary devices.
  • Lyrical Writing Mode allows you to search for the conventional words on one side and type simultaneously on the other side of the same screen.

Suitable For: Masterwriter is ideal for the aspiring songwriters and lyrical composers due to the wide stance it holds in English vocabulary, phrases and rhymes.


This is amongst the latest names in the software market. Songcraft popularity has met its pace due to its increased level of convenience it can provide to the users. Songcraft can be easily opened and accessed on the mobile phone apart from computers or PC.

That means you can plug into the software anywhere and at any time without having a single problem. From creating chords to deconstructing the piece of music, from editing to the lyrical composition, everything is wholly organized here. 

  • Songcraft’s most striking feature includes collaborations and opportunities. Through this feature, you get access to publish and show your work to other songwriters and share them in public to get their reactions.
  • Songcraft has a full-fledged stock of rhyming dictionaries, chord progression and searches for helping you overcome writer’s block and to improve your songwriting experience and work.

Suitable For: Songcraft software is ideal for modern songwriters. It allows to share their work in public and also collaborate with the other aspiring or soaring songwriters. It can give you new ideas, writing suggestions and help you overcome your mental block.


All the detailed songwriting softwares above have been most widely accepted by the music audiences as well as aspiring artists around the globe.

These songwriting softwares do your work, even more, easier by simplifying the need to do everything. You can search for rhyming words, missing chords, etc. all on a single platform and reconstruct everything into something new and beautiful.

You can choose any one of these songwriting software to enhance your songwriting experience and excel in your career.

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