What is Discord Top Secret Control Panel?| How to use it?

Discord Top Secret Control Panel

The reason regarding your search for discord top secret control panel clearly shows your enthusiasm and deep interest in the game playing.

Sometimes due to game server problem, you might face a disconnection yourself from chatting with your team friends. Discord is like a chat lobby which allows you to get connected with your friends. It is designed for community communication over the computer and mobile phones.

Discord software provides features like chatting, message board and an integrated VoIP chatting system along with Discord top secret control panel.

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What is discord top secret control panel use for?

This software got its foot in the market after the popularity of PUBG game. Discord software provides a great opportunity to those gamers who wants to create a custom chat box while game play.

In every team game there is a strong need of mutual understanding to beat your competitors and that can only be done through a proper communication.

You can thus unleash the possibilities by inviting your friends to join the discord server in the gameplay and this is how you got the back of your teammates in the game.

Access the discord top secret control panel

We know that the discord comes with a top secret control panel feature in its PC version. Thus it can be located by right clicking on the discord icon in the notification bar of the windows. This feature can’t be clicked as it appears to be disabling in the PC.

If you are willing to use this special feature then let me guide you with the proper processing as the configuration of the discord is super easy. Just follow these simple steps;

STEP 1: go to the official website of discord i.e. discordapp.com

STEP 2: download the application from the website.

STEP 3: install the app as it get downloaded and then open it.

STEP 4: visit the notification bar and right click on the discord icon.

STEP 5: you will find the top secret control panel on the top in gray color. Its grey color shows that it is disabling.

Why we are unable to access Discord top secret control panel?

Even after installing the discoed software from the official website you will witness its disability. You might to be able to access with your click. Let us now look on the possible points which can be reason that we are unable to access the discord top secret control panel.

  •  It might be possible that this button could be in its beta version. The developers of the game might be planning to introduce this option in its later version.
  • This feature might be configured only for the developers for its development and maintenance purpose.
  • This raw can only be the name of the on-screen menu might be another possibility.

How to Enable or Disable the Top-Secret Control Panel?

As the discord secret control panel has been disabled by the developers so none can use it. Discord is an app that is used for the purpose of communication between people and it accommodates some controls regarding discord. 

But it is for sure that developers have disabled it for almost five years. That’s why users are facing some complications as it is a new app and the purpose connection is not being provided.  

Is the discord top secret panel accessible?

There are several rumors regarding its marketing that there is nothing such software named discord top secret control panel which does exist as of now. There are certain statements and various stories referring that there is still not done any official announcement by the creators of the software. If this software comes in the existence then definitely it will receive a lot of appreciation from those the gamer’s hearts as this software will provide them with some special features to communicate with the teammates.

It might be possibly under development stage and can be a great platform for the gamers in the future in the gaming community. Also it can bring some more of the features that would certainly help in the multidimensional in the gaming world.


Thus we need to stay calm for the moment and wait for the next update as the discord top secret panel is amazing software that can connect you with your friends all around to have a great gaming experience.

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