Free Chegg Account Username & Passwords [2021 UPDATED]

free chegg account

There are many students who hate purchasing book and follow the boring pattern of learning. There is a platform named Chegg helps to provide all books of your syllabus at a very fair cost.

Isn’t sound effective?

Chegg provides the fair access of all your books related to syllabus and also includes many features that will helps to study a student with modern pattern of learning. So if you are very new to chegg website then trust me!! You will really love the material and interface of this website.

So basically chegg is an online portal where you will provide everything that is related to your academic syllabus. Along with this, you will also get many things like reviews and 24X7 teacher support that will defiantly helps to get the most appropriate answer of every query. The website also include a feature for math lovers in which they provide detailed step by step explanation of your question from a well qualified and experience faculty.

If you are the person who don’t feel comfortable while asking for a query in middle of the class the chegg can be a good alternate for you. The best thing is that it operates on every device like window, iOS and android so you don’t need to hustle to buy any particular gadget for the service.

The website takes 14.95$ monthly fees and provides the full access of the course. So in this article we will provide the detailed information about the Chegg including process, feature and free chegg account passwords.

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How to make Free Chegg Account?

As we previously mentioned, Chegg includes a monthly fees that you need to pay if you create an account. However, there are two alternative options from which you can choose one if you want access to Chegg Account.

Method 1: Chegg Free Trial

Chegg free trial

The website takes care of their students so they provide 14 days free trial to the students and provides the full access to their website so that student can get the actual concept of the website and make purchasing decision.

(Note: You must have various email accounts for proper application of this method)

In order to take free trial, you need an email account for registration and after 14 days you can register with another email account.

Isn’t it simple?

So you have to click on “create new account” section on the Chegg website and follow the instructions.

Method 2: Free Premium Chegg Account Username and Password

Here we will provide the list of premium chegg account username and passwords. These accounts have access of whole website. You can easily sign in using these usernames and passwords.

(Note: These username and password is for everyone. So don’t change the password and in case if we found that someone change the password then immediately we will terminate the account.)  8i6-gxp-18c
5i0xwd@gmail.comyi4-0ax-b6j dani1# magi21    12345678910  9499535568   11991199
senga000@gmail.com53411070    remix6man6  5868245252 leonardox41  iamking524 thomasking52

Features of Chegg Account

Chegg provide various features that make the modern learning easy and simple. Some of the best features of chegg are following.

1. Renting Book

The most important and beneficial function of chegg is that you can easily access any book on rent and that will helps to save your cost. If you are a student and want to study books of different author then chegg can be the most appropriate option for you.

2. Free Trial

It is another great initiative of chegg that shows their liability and responsibility towards their customer. They provide full access for 14 days to every new student so that they can get familiar with the interface of website and know the importance of content.

3. Support

Chegg provide 24/7 support that will helps to solve the query immediately. You just need to log in the account and click on the customer support option they will respond immediately.

4. Take Photo and Get your answer

This is something that makes this website unique and favorite of students. You just need to take a photo of your question and submit on the website and within 30 minutes you will get answer of your question from an expert.

However, you can also check on the homework solution in the library section. The website claims that it includes 21 million solutions that will help to find the similar solution related to your query.


So in this article you will get to know everything about Chegg website including their feature and list of username and password. We hope you will get everything that you were willing to know.

If you have any issue regarding Chegg account then feel free to ask in the comment section.

We are more than happy to help you!

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