Best Games like Corruption of Champions

Games like corruption of champions

If you are here that simply means you love the game corruption of champion. It is basically a text based flash game in which you need to choose a super hero in a village to fight against some demons and evils. This game covers a journey in which you will get new creatures, people and many interesting thing.

The game provides limited OS support so we need an alternate of the game so that everyone can enjoy. So in this article we have mentioned 11 best games like corruption of champion that have similar theme as well as provides action based adventure.

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Top Games like Corruption of Champions

Here we have suggested the games like corruption of champion having similar theme and text and also provide information regarding the game so that you can understand batter.

1. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingom of loathing

It is the best text based game in this list. In this game you will get the same adventure and experience like corruption of champion but without sex or vulgarity. This game will remind you about the character stickman along with this you will get several adventures while passing the level of this game.

In this game, you firstly need to choose one gender and after that you have to get a class that include seal clubber, sauceror, Disco Bandit, Pastamaker and many more that will give you pleasure and continue your excitement till the end of the game.

Along with this, you will get many magic and health points that will maintain your existence in this game.

2. The Poor Whore

The poor whore

The poor whore is the browser based game and that’s the reason it is quite different from the rest of games. This game is most similar to corruption of champion as it includes RPG element along with sexual fantasies. The game is mainly based on middle age fantasy in which you have to roam around the town and then get hired in a brothel.

The game can only run on PC so if you want something on mobile then it is not a recommended option for you.

3. Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival game

It is another best recommendation in our list as this game is based on a format in which you have to stay in indicative environment and fight against virus that expands along with time. So you have to keep yourself safe until military reach for the recovery.

You have the choice of character customization in order to make it perfect for the mission. Along with this, the game includes super amazing graphic and also includes sexual content that make it similar to CoC. The game can be run on any type of device like android, iOS and window.

4. Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted Space

It is lust oriented game in which the character went for the mission for achieving high power and money. In the entire journey the character search for adventure and meet many new characters that make the basic essence of the game.

The most amazing thing about the game is that you will see many locations like ships, planet and seasonal dark areas that make it more interesting.

5. Fall of Eden

Fall of eden

This game gives you the exact feel of corruption of champion. The game is basically based on a supernatural theme in which you are playing the role of a super hero that is lost in hellish plane and that is trapped between the hell and haven.

So here you will get many interesting elements in the near house that is abandoned and as a super hero you have to save the human from evils. The monsters will attack on you but the mission is to kill the whole devil world and escape from it.

6. Anchorhead

The game starts from the city named Anchorhead and that’s what why it is named so. It is the text based adventure game that involves horror fantasies that make it catchy and exciting.

The game starts with the horror world from where you start your journey. The game is based on a theme where you have to stop historical rituals and break the wrong barriers.

In order to provide classical touch to this game it include early 90’s theme and played by commands without the clicks and graphic.

7. My very own Lith

My own lith game

It is another great recommendation in our bucket list. The game can be played using browser that supports flash. The best part of this game is that it includes public and supporter that come with several cheats that will encourage you to play this game.

In this game, you have to choose a lith (black cat) and then the main task of the game to seduce your lusty black cat. In order to make her feel good and lusty, you can do several things like talking and flirting that will be the most enjoyable thing to do in this game.

Trust me! You will really get an amazing feel.

8. Free Cities

Free Cities game

It is another text based game that gives the same feel like corruption of champions. The game gives the traditional touch as it includes the most amazing slavery elements in the back ground and super exciting elements like training and slave administration that will encourage playing for a long period of time.

9. Carnal Soul

Carnal Soul game

Carnal soul is another RPG game that gives amazing experience like coc. The game includes most fascinating things that make it different from other games along with this it also includes sexual content and that’s why it is allowed for the people having 18+ ages.

The catchiest part of this game is that it allows the customization in every single detail of the game that makes it super interesting and enhances you to play for long period of time. Another best thing is that it provides monthly update to encourage your experience.

10. Fallen London

Fallen london

This is another browser based game that comes with original sound track that gives the realistic experience to this game. The game is developed by Failbetter a game that is mostly known for the graphic and performance of the game.

The game is basically based on a person who takes part in every activity that happened in the city and as a person you will get amazing experience as sometimes you may do some illegal activities that will get you the trouble.

The best part is that you can choose any profession that helps in the survival along with this, it also includes sexual elements that will maintain your interest in the game.

11. Gift of Phallius 2

Gift of Phallius 2

If you are looking for erotic game play then gift of phallius must be the great recommendation for you. The game can be play either in multimedia or text format and provides super amazing customization.

In this game you have to play the character of 14 year old girl that have a desire of having a sex with guard and on the behalf of that story line, the whole game is designed.

12. Cypher 


If you got bored with erotic gameplays, cypher will be the best choice for you. It doesn’t have erotic or sexual content, it is an engaging text-based roleplay game. 

You will get the best and amazing soundtracks and graphics with this game and also, it has some cool interactives like capsules hotels, elevators that talk, etc. the game also has a setup of NeoShushi city in which the player can explore during the game.

13. Lilith’s Throne 

Lilith’s Throne

This game is s combination of corruption of champions and TITS and provides text-based roleplay that comes with erotic scenes like other games on our list. 

The graphics of this game are so amazing and appealing that it brings the standard of this game to another level. 

This game will give you the opportunity to travel the world the way you want and overcome the trials you will experience on the way. You will face demons, magical powers, etc on your journey.


So we have reached the end of this article.

The above list helps to know about the interesting and super excited game like corruption of champions. In order to pick the best among the above list you are advised to check the reviews and number of log in and that will help to choose the most trending game that mostly people love playing.

Here are the trending games like corruption of champions

1. Kingdom of Loathing

2. The Poor Whore

3. Flexible Survival

4. Trials in Tainted Space

5. Fall of Eden

6. Anchorhead

7. My very own Lith

8. Free Cities

9. Carnal Soul

10. Fallen London

11. Gift of Phallius 2

We hope these recommendations will help to choose the best available option. If you like this article, then share with your friends and if you  have any recommendation of game that you have played then feel free to suggest in the comment section below.

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