How to Donate Bits on Twitch: Step by Step Process

How to Donate Bits on Twitch

For a new twitch user, the option of bits and donations has been scene while streaming. These bits are generally a virtual currency used in the twitch to appreciate the streamer’s work.

If someone is likely to affect you or influence you in a meaningful way then you can donate Bits on twitch to that streamer in the form of micro donations.

The bits which are considered to be the virtual money in the twitch are bought for real money priory. This money can be forwarded as a tip to the stream of which work has been appreciated by you.

Tipping a streamer in the twitch is considered to be cheering when the bits are used. When you cheer, this simply means that you are donating a small amount of your bits to the different users and streamers.

Cheer Chat Badges

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How to Donate Bits On Twitch?

All you need to do is you have to buy the bits first in the twitch.

Let me bring you to the simple steps of buying bits on twitch.

1. Go to the channel after logging into twitch.

2. You’ll find the ‘get bits’ in the top right corner.

3. Select the suitable amount you want to buy and pay accordingly.

4. You will be notified once your inventory gets updated.

You can now cheer for your favorite streamer once your account is updated by the bits in twitch.

Please note that the transaction is irreversible.

There is a timer if enter the wrong donation.

In order to donate, you can simply write ‘cheer250’ and it works same on the desktop and mobile devices.

The buying option might be different on the mobile phones but the donation process is a similar in both in the laptop and mobile devices.

purchase bits

Every time he will donate, you will get a relevant proportion of discount on every transaction. Also there is a badge option which shows that how much donations you have donated to the streamers or different users.

Bits Process

Bits emotes

Bits are considered as 1 bit per 1 cheer. Customer will get as much as the donated online but he will need to ensure an amount of worth $100 to withdraw.

Beginner streamers need to wait to get paid as they are just a starter on the platform. Twitch also collects a share of 25-30% in running the website.

Apart from this you will get twitch emotes Which shows that you are a great supporter to the streamers and you donate a portion of your bits or cheer with 1,100,500,1000. You will get the same level of emotes as much as you donate.

Donation Process

The donation process is quite different from the buying process. You can either use your credit card in donating the chair rather than buying them.

The twitch Takes a cut from your donation and keeps it for maintaining the running of the website and the rest of the money remains with the streamer.

On the other hand typing is the best method of tipping for many streamers.

The twitch does not cut any share in tipping as it is the transaction between you and the streamer only.

Payment can made through PayPal and the tipping is considered to be the more reactive as you tip the steamer for being more entertaining and more impressive as per your test.

Subscribing on twitch

There is also one another option remaining to show your gratitude and your Interest of appreciation towards the streamer on the twitch platform.

You can subscribe to the twitch prime for a certain period of time that is approximate for a month or for a couple of months. A subscription taken by you is considered to be the mutual partnership which is to be distributed among different streams on the twitch.

You can follow one channel for a month in the price of $4.99 and also take the subscription for more than one month in a bulk price and similarly you will get a lot of badges and emotes accordingly.

You will get access to the chat rooms and ad free experience depending on the stream. From the point of rational behavior it is very important to donate your favorite streamer on the twitch as they entertain you.


We hope this article will definatly answer all your queries regarding donating bits on twitch. If you have any question regarding this topic then feel free to ask in the comment section of this article.

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