Idea USSD Codes: Updated List to check Balance and More 2021

If you have prepaid SIM card then defiantly you came across many situation on daily basis where you have to check different information regarding your cellular network like data balance, caller balance, activation and deactivation of services but many of the times we don’t know about the USSD codes to solve that issue.

So here we will provide the complete list of idea USSD codes that will helps to get your desirable information from your cellular networks.

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What is USSD Codes?

USSD code is the specific number (mostly 4 or 5 digits) that starts with (*) and ends with (#). The USSD code is specifically provided by the cellular company to allow users to get the information regarding balance, data or validity.

In this system, the code helps to define the query of the customer and operator will provide the relevant information based upon the codes. Given below is the list of USSD codes of idea network that will resolve your daily task like balance enquiry, offers, balance and activation of any particular service.

Idea USSD Codes List – check Idea Validity Date, Balance and Offers (Complete List)

USSD Codes and Details

DetailsUSSD Codes List
Idea Balance Transfer *567*
Idea Price *567#
Idea Customer Care Number 155223
VAS Deactivation 1925
Idea 4G Activation Code ACT 4G to 12345
Idea 3g activation used code ACT 3G to 12345
Idea Value Added Service *123#
Idea 30 Rs Pack *456#
Main Balance Check Code *131*3#
Offer Check Code *121#
Number Check Code *131*1#
Net Balance Check Code *125#
Last Recharge Check Code *121*4*1*5#
Self Care Menu Code *121*4#
Talktime Balance Transfer  Code *191# 2nd
Best Internet Offer Check  Code *122#
Last 5 Calls Details Check Code *121*4*1*1#
Talktime Loan  Code *150*10#
Data Loan  Code SMS “ICREDIT” to 144
Number check  Code *121*4*1*4#
Last 5 SMS Detail Check Code *121*4*1*2#
Last 5 Data Usage Check Code *121*4*1*3#
Data Notification Start  Code *121*4*2*1#
Data Notification Stop Code *121*4*2*2#
3G Internet Plan Detail Codes *121*4*3*1#
2G Internet Plan Detail Codes *121*4*3*2#
Zero Rental *121*4*3*1# and 1
RC26 Data Pack  Code *121*4*3*1# and 2
RC44 Internet Pack  Code *121*4*3*1# and 3
RC102 Internet Pack  Code *121*4*3*1# and 4
RC198 Internet Pack Code *121*4*3*1# and 5
RC249 Internet Pack Code *121*4*3*1# and 6
RC347 Net  Pack  Code *121*4*3*1# and 7
RC455 Net Pack  Code *121*4*3*1# and 8
RC852 Data Pack  Code *121*4*3*1# and 9
GPRS Setting Check Code *121*4*3*2# and 1
Dialer Tone Check  Codes *121*4*4*1#
Dialer tones  Check Code *121*4*4*2#
Dial tones Check Code *121*4*4*3#
MCI Info Check  Code *121*4*4*4#
VAS Servies Check  Code *121*4*4*5#
Store Check  Codes *121*4*5#
Festive Days Check Codes *121*4*6*1#
Activation Date Check code Check *121*4*6*3#
BAR Service Check  Code *121*4*6*4#
DND Service Check  Code *121*4*6*5#
My Offers Check Code *121*4*6*6#
Roaming Charges Check Code *121*4*7*1#
RC5 Roaming  Code Idea  *121*4*7*2#
RC6 Roaming  Code Idea *121*4*7*3#
RC62 Roaming  Code Idea *121*4*7*4#
RC78 Roaming  Code Idea  *121*4*7*5#
International Roaming Packs  Code *121*4*7*6#
Full Talktime Recharge  Code *121*4*8*1#
Local Recharge  Code *121*4*8*2#
STD Recharge  Code *121*4*8*3#
Number To Activate Idea GPRS service Number To FRESH  To 4666
Number To Activate 3G Idea Service ACT 3G To 12345
Number To Activate Idea Live Tv 3GTV To 54777
Number To Deactivate 3G idea services DEACT 3G To 12345
Number To Get Idea GRPS setting  “SET” To 12345
Idea Talktime Balance and Validity check  codes *121# or *130#
Idea Unlimited Calls and Data Pack offer check code *131*2#
Idea 4G GPRS Internet Setting  SMS “SET” to 54671
Idea Special and Rate Cutter Offer Check code *121# OR *122#
Idea Talktime Balance Transfer *191#
Idea Rs.5 (Talktime Credit) loan  code *150*05#
Idea Rs.10 (Talktime Credit) loan  code *150*10#
Idea Internet Data Loan  code ICREDIT to 144
Idea SMS message balance check  code *131*4#
Activate Idea Caller Tune *696# OR Call on 56789
Idea Miss Call Alert Service  codes *333*5#
Port Idea Mobile Number PORT<space> Mobile number” To 1900
Idea Customer Care Number Call on 12345
Idea Account all Information Check  Code *121*4*1#
Idea Main account Balance Check  Code *130#
Idea Unlimited Calling Plan Check *131*2#
Idea Voice Balance check  Code *131*3#
Idea SMS Balance check Code *131*4#
Find Know Check Own Idea Mobile Number  Code *131*1#  OR *131*4*4#
Idea My plan Infomation check code *121*4*1*6#
Idea Balance Adjustment Details Check Code *121*4*1*7#
Idea Last Recharge Details Check Code *121*4*1*8#
Idea Dialer Tone (Activate Caller Tone)  Dial 56789
Idea Miss Call Alert Service  Code  Dial *777*1#
Idea Number Other VAS Services *121*4*2*4#
Idea Data Notification Service  *121*4*3#
Start Idea Data Notification Service  *121*4*3*1#
Idea Hero Best Offers *121*4*4#
Idea Unlimited Calls and Data Plan *121*4* 5#
Unlimited Calls and Data Plan 348 Rs *121*4* 5*1#
Unlimited Calls and Data Plan 148 Rs *121*4* 5*2#
Idea STV, Minute and Roaming Offer Check Code *121*4* 6#
Idea Rate Cutter Offer *121*4* 6*1#
Idea Local and STD Minute Pack Plans *121*4* 6*2#
Idea Roaming Pack Offer Check Code *121*4* 6*3#
Idea SMS Pack Check code *121*4* 6*4#
Idea Credit talktime loan Rs.10 *121*4* 7*1#
Idea Credit talktime loan Rs.5 *121*4* 7*2#
Idea balance Transfer  Code  *191#
Idea 2G/3G/4G data Pack *121*4*9#
Idea 3G/4G Internet Data Packs *121*4*9*1#
Idea 2G Internet Data Packs *121*4*9*2#
Idea Store Location Check Code  *121*4*10#
Idea Features *121*4*11#
Idea Recharge Denominations *121*4*12#
Latest Idea Plan *121*4*14#
Idea GPRS Internet Settings  *121*4*15*1*1*1#
Handset 3G/4G Check with  Code *121*4*15*1*1*2#
Idea DND Service Details Check Code *121*4*15*1*2#
Start Idea DND Service with  Code *121*4*15*1*2*1# 
STOP Idea DND Service with  Code *121*4*15*1*2*2#
Check Idea Activated VAS Services Deals *121*4*15*1*3# Or Call 155223 SMS STOP to 155223
Know Your Idea Plans Dial *191# and enter 1
Transfer Idea Balance (Share Idea Talktime balance) Dial *191# and enter 2
Idea Ask for talktime to your friend Dial *191# and enter 3
Idea  Code to activate call waiting service *43#
Idea  Code to Deactivate call waiting service *44#
Activate Idea DND service  START to 1909
Deactivate Idea DND service  STOP to 1909
Idea customer care complain helpline number 198
Hunny bunny hello tune  Code SMS “HB” to 56789
Balance Check Code *121*3#

FAQ Section

How to Check Idea 4G Data Balance?

In order to check idea 4G data balance, you just type *125# and then press the call button. This USSD Code is applicable for checking both 3G and 4G data balance. So if you have 4G data then it will reflect automatically.           

How to Check Idea Balance?

If you want to check Idea Balance then you can type*123*3# and then press call button. If you have any further query then you can visit idea store or call customer care number.

How to check SIM validity?

Idea app will helps to get information about the validity of your SIM card and if you want hustle free solution then you may simply make some outgoing calls from your number and if there is no problem in outgoing and incoming calls then your SIM card validity is still pending.


We hope the above list of USSD codes of idea will helps to get the information regarding your network operator. In case, if you have any issue that is not mentioned above, then you can call customer care number (Dial 198 or 155223) as they are available 24*7.

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