How To Fix ‘Pokémon GO’ GPS Signal Not Found Issue [SOLVED]

fix Pokémon GO' GPS Signal Not Found

Pokémon Go has been rectified as ON THE GO game beside the PUBG, ASPHALT and LUDO etc. these days across the world.

Either you are an iOS or an Android user, the pop-ups problem often faced by the gamers of ‘GPS signal not found‘in the game is certainly hampering and disturbing your enjoyment and enthusiasm for the game.

The simple common mistake or I’ll say the default error people does here is of the inactivation of the GPS signal in order to save the battery life and overall performances of the Smartphone by the gamers.

Don’t Worry, we’re here providing you with the proper solution in a very few simple steps to correct this GPS signal issue in Pokémon Go. You’ll surely be competing with your friends in a while. Get ready to celebrate your victory.

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Steps to Enable GPS Signal for Android Users

First make sure that your location is turned on and you’re having the latest version of Pokémon Go.

If it still not working then moves on to these simple steps:

STEP 1: Go in the SETTING and tap on the CONNECTIONS.

STEP 2: Tap on the option LOCATION.


STEP 4: Ensure that the mark should be on HIGH ACCURACY.

ENJOY! Now you can go and check the proper working of your gaming performance and also of the found of the GPS signals. Your common problem must be lying in the parameters of the location related options.

Steps to Enable GPS Signal for iOS Users

Although, iOS system usually keeps its location turned on for several apps when it is permitted to do so, but due to the battery saver or the Power mode ON, the system itself sometimes turned off the GPS access.

To get rid of these some things on the iOS, we’re here providing you with the simple solution which you can follow to lead a straight enjoyment for the game.

Well as I said earlier, the basic troubleshoot you’ll face is of location access be the GPS itself besides the strong network data connectivity and thus these problem of location access can be solved out in the setting of the smart phone.

Just follow these simple steps to get through the settings or access of the GPS with the several apps used by iOS.

STEP 1: Go to the SETTING and tap on PRIVACY.

STEP 2: Inside privacy you’ve Location Services which allows the apps to use to find your location based on GPS.

STEP 3: You’ll see somewhere Pokémon Go only allow access to location while using the App.

STEP 4: Go back to the Pokémon Go.

Yes this was all it related to the network settings and thus I hope I’m assuming the right direction that you all have been solved with the problems of the GPS error.

Go back to the game and see if the problem is showing again or not.

Now this is Oh Yeah, the problem has been solved and you’ll see that the Pokémon Go is connected to the GPS and good to go.

Still Not Finding GPS Signal?

Sometimes system started to show this issue again and again even after solving the common LOCATION error and we are left with the problem of system error.

In order to correct that issue, it might have been considered as the universal solution to get rid of the following problem which is termed as the turning POWER OFF and ON consecutively.

This method of applying solution to the system error usually gets corrected 99.99% of the times and thus we believe to apply this as this as well. In the case if you’re still not finding the proper GPS signal then don’t worry, we’re here providing you with some of more solutions to the problem to get solved as fast as possible.


Well don’t worry we’re here with another different solution. Sometime it has been seen that turning ON of the Google maps in the background rarely helps in solving the issue with the identification or interaction with GPS signals in the gaming and thus some gamers sometimes recommend to turn on Google maps in the background which will link your GPS connectivity more strongly to the network and thus you won’t face any trouble with the performance of the game.

Thus with reference to the above mentioned trick, I suggest you to do that once as well and try to figure out whether it works or not.

Another Solution of GPS Signal Issue

Well now we’re left with the only option in our list to apply and for instance I can bet you to get rid of the GPS problem relatively in a better way.

Thus all you need to do is go in the network settings in the setting and there you’ll find out to reset all the network related settings.

If you don’t know from where to find out those settings, then let me help you with the proper direction there.

For that, you can ‘RESET NETWORK SETTING’ from the RESET option in the GENERAL menu in the SETTING for both android and iOS user to correct ‘GPS Signal not found’ error.






Well these were the relevant solutions to find out the cure for the error of ‘GPS signal not found’. And thus we’re now assuming that our article has helped you with the proper guidance and the directions.

Now you need to go back to the game and enjoy your game as you’ve done so many steps to conquer your GPS error. This is how we all are good to go and ready to compete with our rivals friends.

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