11 Best Funny and Cool Prank Websites to Fool Your Friends

prank websites

Are you looking for best funny and cool prank websites that fool your friend?

In today’s world everyone is busy in their daily hustle so we need a break from it and prank websites are the good option to get rid from that. There are many websites having the ultimate goal of prank and make your laugh.

So here we comes with 11 most funny prank websites that will helps to set prank and making your friend fool.

These websites are just amazing. You will defiantly love it.

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What is Prank or Trolling?

A prank is the random act that creates a scene or laughter. Prank can be held on any place like wise you may comment on the post your friend posted or making a fun of activity of your friend.

On the other hand trolling is the offensive statement or words that ultimately hit the emotion of that particular person.

There are many situations in which people think that they have just written a random statement on internet and later on they realize that it was the act of trolling. So you have to understand the meaning of trolling very carefully so that none of your friend got offend due to your words.

11 Funny and Cool Prank Websites to Troll your Friends

Here is the list of 11 prank websites that you will love to share with your friends and family members.

1. Fake Update

fake update website

It is the most amazing prank website if you want your friend to stay away from your PC or laptop.  This will show that you are using an outdated window version like window 98 or vista and currently an update is going on. So you can’t use other function of window.

On the other hand, if you want to change the screen then it can show the window 10 screen in which update is running.

2. Fart Scroll


Fart scroll will make your friend embarrassed in front of other people so if you enable the option and every time when your friend scroll the blog then it will create a fart noise.

The website provides a code that will ultimately helps to do the task.

3. Prank Space

prank space

Prank space is the website that combines many pranks into it. This is the all in one website that will make your friend fool. It includes magic tricks, video prank, audio prank, flash prank and many other pranks.

Along with this it also comes with funny tutorials that guides on how to do a prank with friends and family. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Google Terminal

Google terminal

Google terminal shows the view of Google in 1980. It comes with coding and numbers that Google shows in his beginning days. So you can secretly enable Google terminal and make him believe that Google has changed its theme.

This will gives the traditional look to Google and you can also share your codes along with it.

5. Blow up The Phone

Blow up the phone

This is one of the most amazing pranks in our bucket list. In this, you have to submit the mobile number of your friend and after that your friend will get hundreds of massages and calls from unknown number.

It also provides the option of setting up frequency that means how much time gap you want between two calls or massages.

6. Shit Express

Shit express

It will make your friend to vomit as you can send the images of shit to your friend with the help of this website. It also provides the option of choosing an animal of which you want the shit image.

Trust me! If your friend is eating something, he will leave it in food midway.

7. Shady URL

Shady url

It is an amazing website to fool your friend or family member. You just have to enter any website URL in the box and it will convert that URL into a shady text as well as shorten your URL. It will force your friend’s brain to rethink before opening that URL and I think that’s what you want.

8. Love Calculator Prank

Love calculator prank

Love calculator prank is the trickiest way to find the love of your friend. In this website, you just need to put your email address and press the submit option.

It will generate a URL that you can send to your friend.

When your friend opens the link then it will claim to calculate the percentage of love and ask for your name and your crush name and when they enters the both name then it will show an massage saying “You have successfully been pranked! ” and you will get the name of crush.

You can shout the name of that girl on the phone call.

9. Google Gravity

Google gravity

If you want to prank your non tech friend then it is one of the most amazing prank. In this, you have to show the screen of Google gravity instead of Google home page. It will look exactly look like Google home page but when you started typing something then it will show that everything including Google logo is broken or destroyed.

You can have a look in the image below.

10. Fake Facebook Status

fake facebook status

In this website you can create fake facebook status that will exactly looks like the real one and you can update that status in front of your friend and after a couple of minutes it will show that hundreds of people just liked your photo. It will look real so your friend can trust on that.

11. Do not Press Red Button

do not press red button

This is prank that triggers the emotions of your friend. In this prank you need to send a link to your friend on which it is written to not press the red button and that make him curious and willing to press and by chance if he or she press the button then he will become the victim of this prank.

It will show an annoying massage on which your friend regrets later.


The list of these websites continues but these are some of the best pick.

So here are the most popular prank websites that ultimately helps to prank your friend and family members. We hope you will love and enjoy our listing. If you have anything else that you have used then feel free to suggest in the comment section.

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