17 Best Rainmeter Skins (Themes) for Gamers

Best Rainmeter skins for gamers

Rainmeter is a free and open-source application that allows users to customize their computers with themes. The raincamera skins are particularly popular among gamers, as they make the desktop more attractive while free spins online is giving you an irresistible feeling of being on top game mode! So if your interest lies in gaming then be sure find what’s best suited for this task by looking at different opinions from others who share similar preferences as yours.

Here we will provide you best rainmeter skin for gamers that will provide amazing feel of gaming on desktop of your PC. Along with this, we have also provides download link of skins that will make it easy to download the skin that you like most.

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What are Rainmeter gamers Skins?

Rainmeter skin is the customization option that will add some extra features that makes your PC good. The customizable functions include audio, clock, weather, RSS reader and many more. The choice of function totally depends upon your use and personal preference.

In simple words, rainmeter gamer skin provides the customization functions that you can add on your desktop in order to make it cool and stunning and provides the theme of your favorite game.

So without taking your precious time lets dive into the recommendation of best rainmeter skin for gamer.

Best Rainmeter Gamers Skin (Themes)

1. Nvidia

Nvidia Rainmeter skin

Nvidia is the all time favorite game among all gamer and if you are one out of them then you will defiantly love this game skin.

Although, Nvidia skin needs supportive graphic card for installing this theme but once you done it then you will get green background along with display clock in the top center of your desktop and that will defiantly looks attractive and cool.

In the middle of desktop screen, you will find the logo of Nvidia that will gives motivation and attract your attention every time you start your PC.

Along with this, it also includes shortcut options that will ease your task and helps to operate your system from desktop.

2. Alien Desk

Alien Desk

As the name suggest, this theme will provide a complete alienware design to your desktop. This theme will provide gaming support from the desktop and also include some special features that will simplify your work.

On Desktop, you will get clock and CPU stats bar that will track the performance of your system. The best thing of this theme is that it includes Drive shortcuts on the desktop so you can open and operate your drives from the desktop screen.

So if you are looking for some adventures theme for your desktop then it is highly recommended suggestion for you.

3.  Jarvis – Iron Man

Iron Man rainmeter skin

Iron Man is most loved movie among gamers and if you are a fan of this movie then there are high chances that you will love this skin.

It is a customizable theme that includes some specific options on the desktop screen like clock, email and hard disk space use and that’s what you need to known on daily basis.

The theme comes with an attractive blue-black background that gives actual feel of the game.

4. Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter

Monster hunter is the fantasy and action based game. The game basically revolves around the beast killing that gives positive vibes while you open your PC.

Although, this theme needs good graphic card in order to full action performance. The theme provides essential options such as my computer, clock and temperature on the desktop screen and also the theme is fully customization that means you can mold it according to your own choice and preference.

5. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Battle field 3 skin is the best rainmaster skin for avid gamers as the theme gives a proper touch of battle field game. The reason behind mentioning best is because the game is most popular among gamers.

This theme includes custom sidebar in which you can include essential menu that you use on daily basis. Along with this, you will get menu shortcuts, widgets, clock, RSS feed and live weather update that makes desktop attractive and catchy.

If you are the person who loves customization game skin along with visual effects then it is something you need to try.

6. Razor


It is another great rainmaster skin in this recommendation list. The skin will provide every essential option on the desktop screen like power status, date, time and weather. Along with this, it also provide disc shortcut that will defiantly helps in minimizing your task. If you want to improve your productivity while studying at university, we recommend using essayswriting.org. This is the place where you will find quality writing papers and experts who are happy to handle any of your assignments.

All you need to do is to choose the most minimalistic wallpaper on the desktop because the effect of skin totally depends upon the selection of wallpaper. Overall, the theme provides great customization that you will defiantly enjoy.

7. Senja Suite

Senja Suite

The theme will defiantly loved by the fans of minimalism and will gives you real touch of the game every second while rolling your cursor on the desktop and that’s the reason that it is one of the best rainmaster theme for gaming players. The theme is so realistic that it looks exactly likes the game.

Senja Suite skin will allow you to access media playback, Turn off/on PC feature and folder shortcuts that will ease down your PC task. The best part is that you will get many features along with the skin so you can use them and customize the skin according to your own choice and preference.

8. AMD


If you are a true gamer then you must familiar with AMD Company as it serve graphic card and processors appropriate for games. The AMD skin will gives you real feel of gamer as the desktop covers the logo in center of screen that looks quite cool and attractive.

The desktop screen includes navigational feature along with clock, CPU meter and weather report.

9. Troy Legacy

Troy Legacy

The theme will look bright and attractive if you look it from the desktop and the demand of this theme is quite high because of the customization and feature that it serves. It includes great combination of dark blue, black and white that doesn’t disturb your eye attention.

The best thing is that it includes every essential feature on the desktop like time, weather, calendar, Cpu meter and disk space that will helps to track the actual performance of your system.

10. Girl Sound 2

Girl Sound 2

The girl sound 2 will makes your desktop feels complex and that’s the actual reason behind its popularity. The only negative thing about this skin is that it only includes two widget i.e. clock and music controller.   

The performance of the skin depends upon the performance of your graphic so if you have fast performing graphic card then it is the best option to consider.

11. Medieval City

Medieval City

If you are the person who loves Medival Era game then you will defiantly love this gaming skin. The skin is great in terms of ease as it provides direct access to the drives and also includes some essential gadgets on the screen like clock, images and sticky note.

The desktop background looks cool and attractive and that’s why it is one of the best rainmeter for gamers.

12. Taboo


Taboo skin includes the most realistic and attractive desktop background that will makes you stick on the desktop for a long time. The black and white background is perfect for everyone.

The desktop background includes a stylish imaginary girl that catches the viewer attention.

13. Tech A

Tech A

The people who have the best brains can use this Tech A skin. It is very stylish and effective. The worst part is that the skin is little complicated to get, which makes its spot on our top choices. 

It will display a large amount of information on your display like CPU usage, date, time, your shortcut folders, and more options in a circular path. This Tech A game skin is considered one of the best rainmeter skins. 

14. Avengers SHIELD OS

Avengers SHIELD

This rainmeter skin is being an all-time favorite for pro gamers and as the name indicates, Avengers lovers, fan followers who are gamers and tech geeks are big fans of this Avenger shield OS rainmeter skin. 

This widget will show date, time, music controller, RAM, ROM usage checker and so on. The dark blue skin is so mesmerizing that will give you an amazing feeling of gaming. 

15. Beautiful Blue 

Beautiful Blue

As per the name, the rainmeter skin comes with a beautiful blue theme and it displays weather, date, time, RAM usage, CPU utilization, disk space etc on the desktop screen-. The dark blue theme is so amazing and it comes with ultra glowing blue with mountain and tech background. 

16. Neon Space 

Neon Space

It is another dark blue theme but is glittery that comes with a spaceship model that covers the whole theme. It is well known by geek audiences all over the world and by tech lovers as well.

The theme shows CPU and ROM usage, weather forecast, date, time, calendar and many more widgets on the desktop screen. The theme will give your desktop screen a well functioning look.

17. Alien 


This is the another best rainmeter skin for all game lovers. This gaming rainmeter skin will show lots of functions on-screen like- shortcut folders, network speed, date, time, RAM and ROM usage etc. It looks so simple but it’s functions are so dynamic that it will cover all the significant features on the desktop.

Advantage of Using Rainmeter skin for Gamers

  1. If you install rainmeter skin on your desktop you can find out lot of information of your desktop like your battery status, time, date, weather forecast, network speed, online data steams and more. 
  2. You can change the appearance of your desktop according to your choice by downloading rainmeter skin and every appearance will be different by the rainmeter skin you choose to put on screen. 
  3. Rainmeter skin will notify you of the CPU usage, RAM, ROM usage, remaining capacity of hard drive that shows the condition of your desktop. 
  4. You can easily run your favorite apps by using rainmeter skin and make your desktop look more attractive. 


We hope that these rainmaster skin for games and will defiantly choose and download the one according to your personal preference.

So which one among all you choose for your PC?

Please provide your valuable feedback in the comment section so that we can moderate our listing for our users.

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