5+ Best Alternative Websites Like Textsheet.com For Students

website like textsheet.com

Are you looking for the best alternative websites like textsheet.com?

However, textsheet.com is the most popular website among students for completing their homework and assignment but unfortunately, textsheet.com is no longer available so students face so much difficulty in completing their school and collage projects.

There are many websites that performs the similar work even free of cost. So in this article, we will provide a list of 5 websites that are best alternate of textsheet.com.

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5 Best Alternative Websites Like Textsheet.com

1. Sladder


Many students in US are using sladder to solve their assignment and homework task. The platform provides exact solution along with Q&A content to clear the deep aspect of their query.

In order to get answer, you just need to scan textbook barcode or you can search the textbook manually and the website will automatically fetch your textbook as there are millions of textbook in the database of website.

The website provides answer related to the subject Math, science, Law, Biology, Economics, arts, Physics, Chemistry and many more. So it can be the most appropriate alternate of textsheet.com.

2. Studtlib


Studtlib is another great option in our recommendation list. The website provides solution to your homework but the reason behind mentioning it on number two position is because the website is not highly organized.

The website is the great source to get answer of your syllabus related queries. Along with this, you can share your notes with friends.

It helps in providing solution of subjects including Math, science, Finance, History, Business and many more. If you are unable to find your exact query then you can find the similar one in their database.

The best thing about this website is that you can add the material (personal document stuff) in your collection list if you register and make account on this website.

3. Chegg


Chegg is getting its popularity nowadays and the reason behind their growing popularity is that they provide assignment along with experts answer in case if your query is not pre solved on their website.

The website helps in answering queries related to all subjects in science, math and arts.

The only issue with the website is that Chegg is not the free platform, so you need to take monthly membership in order to get register on this website.

The monthly membership fee of website is 14.95$. You can also attend online 30 minute tutorial service for free of cost so that you can justify your purchasing decision on behalf of their stuff that they provide.

(Note: There is not any provision of using Chegg for one or two days. You have to pay monthly membership fee in order to proceed further.)

The membership package includes:

24*7 Support
Millions of homework stuff on portal
it also provide Google play store app
Includes guide video explanation of your query

Mobile Application: The website also offers mobile application on which you can log in using your username and password. If you want to renew the membership then you can deduct money from Google Play Account.

4. Course Hero

Course Hero

Course hero is similar education website like Chegg that serves the assignment material to millions of students since 2006.

The website includes 30 million project resources that are provided by a community of educators and students across all over the world. The portal allows conducting exams, sharing lectures and helping assignments in which student have doubts.

It contains practice problem, guide and notes including detailed explanation of every subject in your textbook. It is the best alternative of textsheet.com as it provides the opportunity of earning by refer and providing solution of syllabus related stuff in form of notes and video lecture.

The subject includes Biology, Economics, Physics, Chemistry and many more.

Membership Package

Likewise Chegg, the website also include membership amount:

  • 9.95$/month for annual package (12 Months)
  • 19.95/month for quarterly package (3 Months)
  • 39.95$/month for monthly package (1 Month)

On the other hand, the website provides free service if you upload study stuff in form of hand written notes, video stuff, Pdf file, word file and anything else.

Important Points

  • Includes detailed stuff
  • Full Tutor support 24X7
  • Website also provide earning Benefits opportunity
  • Includes 30 Million study based resources

5. Paper Help

Paper Help

If you are working on professional assignment then it can be the best alternative of textsheet.com.

The website dashboard is very simple, you just need to upload the assignment and then they will provide the price list on behalf of word count level, difficulty and time duration level.

The primary motive of the website is helping the PhD scholars in completing their research papers and provides benefit to the person who writes paper. So basically, it works as an intermediate option between scholar and writer.

Other than this, the website also offers mobile application support of android and IOS in which you can contact and chat with support and track the performance of your assignments.

The best part is that you can get home delivery of your ordered research paper.


We hope this article helps in finding the best textsheet alternative. Here Sladder and Studlib are the options that provide free access to their stuff and if you are looking for 24*7 customer support then defiantly Chegg and Course hero are highly recommended option for you.

The decision of selecting website depends upon your requirement and personal preference. So if you have any further recommendation that we can add in our bucket list then you can recommend in the comment section below this article.

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